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Classical Tibetan Art Objects, traditional “Thangha” paintings, ancient scriptures derived by the holy Buddhist sutras offer a Tibetan perspective in the Museum.
Our Gallery also consists of a selection of various Artworks made by Today’s leading Tibetan Contemporary Artists. 


The Traditional Division of the Museum would host various Tibetan items derived from the culture and ethics of Tibet. These statues are part of this Division. They are installed in the Tibetan “Altar”, the sacred place dedicated to images, objects, statues and offerings, representing faith, devotion, respect. In the coming days offerings will also be installed. Traditionally, eight offerings are placed on an “Altar”: water for drinking, water for bathing, flowers, incense, light, scent or perfume, food and music.

They represent what is tradionally offered to guests in a Tibetan home. In the days that travellers visited Tibet, would rely on the kindness of strangers in their homes, to provide shelter and food.

On a deeper level the “Altar” represents the goal of the Path. Reminding us that it is possible to achieve enlightenment. The “Altar” that you see, dates back to the time of Tashi Norbu’s ancestors and has been brought here from his home in Dharamsala, recalling days of devotion together with the family


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Tashi Norbu

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