Our Mission

  The aim of Art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance

To represent the inward significance of things; the freedom and the powers of Universe, enhancing and cherishing this way, not only the Tibetan Contemporary Art rooted to Tibet, but reflecting adjustment of Tibetan Art and culture in the West too.
Tashi Norbu

At the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art with the Artistic Director of the Museum Tashi Norbu La and the Director of Tibetan Museum of Dharamsala Tashi Phuntsok La, together with the Team and staff of the Museum.

Tashi Norbu talking about Contemporary Tibetan Art to a group of students. Students are visiting the Museum on regular basis.

Policy Plan 2020-2022

Annual report 2018

The Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art is established in the public park of Emmen: RensenPark. It operates under the umbrella of “Stichting Tibet House Holland’.
Chairman: Tashi Norbu, Secretary: Eleni Skitsa, Treasurer: Reindert Dooves. (RSIN 850020839) Adress of the foundation: Zuideinde 136, 1541 CG Zaanstad
Renumeration Policy: Board Members are not paid any compensation for their work for the foundation. The museum has a limited amount of employees, whom are paid the minimum wage. The museum runs mainly with the help of volunteers. There is no CAO applicable.

To educate and spread awareness to an international public about contemporary Tibet-inspired artworks and their themes. The collection is representative of contemporary Tibetan and Tibet-inspired artists as well as the traditional Buddhist culture. The museum conserves, researches and presents the collection and is a platform for discussion as well as for activities between artists and public revolving around the themes of the collection.

To preserve and spread the Tibetan (artistic) culture to the world.