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The Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art opened in 2017 and has developed into a remarkable place where reflection and artistic enrichment can be sought.

This is due to Tashi Norbu, who is a Tibetan artist and gifted the majority of the contemporary and historical collection. In the museum the focus lies on the collection concerning artistic Tibetan culture, but an attempt is made in a lot of the artworks to unify the Tibetan heritage with the western culture. Tashi Norbu does this in his artworks by referring to meaningful icons from the East as well as the West.

As a cultural institution, the museum benefits from museum friends and their donations. With your help, the museum can develop in all sorts of ways.

Dear Friend,

I spent each day of the past thirty years of my life as a Painter and I sacrificed all the “shoulds”, for what my heart lead me to create through Art, pushing myself out of what’s comfortable and into what’s unknown. A life that was inspiring and thrilling that came from action, from experimentation, from the fire and the chaos as well as the big wins. Moments full of Art I loved to share with you through my “Live Painting Performances”.
And here the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art – Tashi Norbu in Emmen, Northeastern Holland, dedicated to the Tibetan Art and Culture, flourishing the Buddhist moral values in the World. I have poured tremendous time of Art, thoughts and love in this Museum and if you find any joy and stimulation here, please consider supporting it by donating.
And if you already donate, from the bottom of my heart Thank You
Tashi Norbu